Community Program Plan

Together with the community, we have identified areas in which we can immediately address to start generating sustainable income:

a) Tourism
b) Art & Culture

A portion of profits from sales of products & services by The Tuyang Initiative are reinvested into programs to empower the community, providing them with updated or new skills relevant in today’s world.

As some of the programs can only happen in Miri (due to infrastructure limitations in the rural areas), funds are required for:

  • Transportation
  • Monthly allowances
  • Meals & lodging
  • Program coordinators

An overview of the program outline that the community members will experience:

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 11.16.25 AM

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 11.08.31 AM

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 11.16.34 AM