The Tuyang Initiative

Welcome, Tuyang!

Borneo’s rural Orang Ulu communities in Baram, struggle to earn in their longhouses and villages. Many resort to working odd jobs, joining nearby timber camps or move to nearest towns in hopes of earning better for their families.

Because of poor quality of life and rapid urban migration, they not only face a risk of losing the lands that they have inherited from generations before them – tradition, art, culture practices and their communal way of life, which is integral to the Orang Ulu heritage, also stand to disappear.

The heart of The Tuyang Initiative is in building sustainable solutions to uplift them, in both economy and skill for the Orang Ulu as well as other rural Bornean communities.

Our business is in innovative and inclusive promotion of cultural-themed products & services.

Portion of our profit is reinvested into efforts to facilitate the community’s:

  • Upskilling programs that will make them relevant in today’s business landscape. We hope this will inspire and empower them to be glocal entrepreneurs, right from their homes & villages.
  • Skill transfer of traditional arts & crafts as efforts for preservation.

For transparency and accountability, we pledge to report the progress of the programs & the impact it has made to the community at the end of every calendar year.

Oh, by the way, Tuyang means buddy in the Kenyah language : )