About How It Began.

Juvita recalls the conversations that sparked the idea of The Tuyang Initiative.

  • Inspired by her fond memories with family in Long San, upper Baram.
    “I vividly remember the times as kids, when we would go back to visit grandpa, grandma, our aunties and uncles in the longhouse. This was from the 1990s-2000s.We would sit at the ruai, talk, watch my aunties bead intricate traditional craft pieces. The men would be talking, drinking their burak and smoking their rolled tobacco. We would also run up and down to longhouse, pop into relatives lamen to just say hi and announce that we are home. When it started to get dark and the generator got turned on, we would have a communal dinner followed by a night cap at the veranda, which came with some ngajat and singing. Things felt simpler and happier then”.*Burak – Rice wine, Lamen – A family’s unit in a longhouse, Ngajat – Traditional dance

    The old longhouse (and my cousin) in Long San, Ulu Baram #flashbackfriday #sarawak #borneo

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