AirAsia Feature For Malaysia Day​

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This year’s Malaysia Day (16 September 2018) marks another great milestone for the Tuyang Initiative.

Co-founder, Juvita Tatan Wan, together with Tuyang talent and Sape’ master, Mathew Ngau Jau had an opportunity to share their idea of a dream Malaysia in AirAsia’s “I Am Malaysian” campaign series.

“Our dream Malaysia will see fair and sustainable economic opportunities in area of cultural heritage, empowering communities to practice their unique traditions, arts & culture”(Juvita Tatan Wan & Mathew Ngau Jau, The Tuyang Initiative)

The beautifully shot feature was published on various mass media channels-full page press advertisement on The Borneo Post, Utusan Borneo & See Hua, as well as on social media channels for Astro Radio stations (Era, Hitz & MyFM) and Chinese-language radio stations, GoXuan and Melody.

The Borneo Post (16 September 2018)

To top it off, Mathew Ngau Jau was also featured in the AirAsia Malaysia Day video as a talent. He can be heard speaking the Kenyah language, a language rarely heard in national advertisements. He speaks about the inevitability of change in the world and how it is important to keep our art and tradition alive through the next generation.

The video has 1.37 million views to-date.

The Tuyang Initiative appreciates AirAsia for recognising its work and for providing this wonderful platform to showcase its work and philosophy on a scale such as this. It is a rare opportunity, especially for small social businesses like ours, and we are truly grateful.

Tuyang hopes for opportunities to work together with AirAsia again, as well as other likeminded corporate organisations in the near future.

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