Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre: Impact Storytelling 03

Thank you for having us, MaGIC! 

Juvita Tatan Wan, Founder of The Tuyang Initiative during Impact Storytelling 03 : Why Our Stories Aren’t Really Our Own. Tuyang Initiative is 1 of the 7 accredited SEs in Malaysia and they work with Dayak communities to ensure promotion of cultural heritage talents, products & services.


“As a community-led initiative, we believe that by balancing our professional experiences, together with our cultural sensibilities and delivering it through channels familiar to mainstream audiences – such as in world-class cultural showcases or exhibitions, or intimate classes with masters, or in commissioned craft work, or a musical-theatre show in our languages, or even in talks such as these – it would return the narratives of our stories back to us, for us to lead it. As every service or product by Tuyang is delivered by members from our communities, not by casted actors, dancers or musicians, there is no barrier so you will get a chance to engage with us directly, truly see and learn about us for who we are, while encouraging capacities for self-determination. And that would make all the difference.”

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