Midweek Reflections #4: Muhaimin Fudzail

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“Midweek Reflections” is a space for team members and cultural practitioners of The Tuyang Initiative to share their thoughts, fears and dreams. For feedback, please email hello@thetuyang.com.

What has life been like for a 20 year old kid with big dreams, who drinks a sachet of Milo 3 in 1’s every day during the MCO (Movement Control Order)? AMAZING!

Just kidding. It’s absolute garbage.

I wake up in my rectangle bedroom which is only furnished with the table, the bed and the wardrobe (I’ve checked, Narnia does not exist in mine). Slid my blinds to the left to check if the sun is still working for us today, it was. Escaped my room in hope to be excited by anything new that may have happened in our living room during my slumber. Nothing again. Chairs are still at the same place where we left them – tucked by the table. Our sofa’s positioning left as a mess because we have a 20 inch desktop monitor used as our TV for when 4 smelly boys squeeze into one another so we could bust some zombie brains during our late night Call of Duty sessions. Housemates are all still in their hibernation cubicles. What a dead living room. Bummer… same old same old…

Oh, the dogs knocked over our trashcan again. Can’t you guys just lift back up the trash you scattered in the middle of the road with your cute little paws? And why is it only our trashcan that gets pushed over? The neighbor’s one is much greener, its also got those bumpy frail dents on them too ensuring how easy it is to toss theirs over. Push theirs over. Gotta pick the damn trash off the road again.

Well, that’s sorted.

What’s next on this gloomy Tuesday? Entertain myself of course. A quick game of some FIFA online would do me no harm. Got to prepare for the FIFA league that’s coming up. Boot up the PlayStation and we’re plugged in.

*A few moments later*

Why is there glare on the TV now? Holy s**t, it’s almost sunset. That was not a quick game of FIFA. Where did the time go?

What the hell, I don’t have food too?


Yeah stomach, I get it we’re hungry.

Food, food, food, food, food. What do we eat today… I don’t want to eat Hongkee’s again even though they provide free delivery… Ayam Penyet from Cahaya? Ah not feeling it. What do you have for me Foodpanda. Scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll. Yes! KFC, thank you you white bearded man for blending these 11 herbs & spices together 14,933KM away from where I live and running around your neighborhood so I could have a bucket of your finger-licking goodness for dinner tonight. Done. Delivery approximately 40 minutes. Thank god. Now we wait. I could probably squeeze in one more game of FIFA before my food arrives right. Yup. Definitely.


Omg is my food already here?? WAIT! I can’t pause! It’s online! I checked my phone to see what the notifcation was for.

“Sorry your delivery has been cancelled by KFC Tudan”.

Gheez…couldn’t you have just cancelled another hungry person’s delivery instead. So I check back what else Foodpanda has to offer and turns out everything is grey now. They don’t do the delivery after 7pm. How long was I scrolling for food? Oh man.

“Grrr Grr grrr!”

Sorry, stomach. I messed up.

“Grr grrrrgrrgrgrgrrrrgrgrgr”





So, Indomee again?


Whipped a 5-star cuisine of Maggi noodles, a hint of fried onions served beside the heavenly Milo ice. Yum.  So that was breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted. Boy I’m stuffed. Nap time.

That’s the end of part 1. Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2!

Muhaimin Fudzail is a Finance & Marketing major at Curtin University, Miri campus. It’s his second year of study and first year of living in Miri, Sarawak. Born in Selangor and was raised in Dubai for 16 years of his life. Min juggles university and internship at The Tuyang Initiative – while living through a pandemic and nationwide movement control order away from home and family.

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