Lockdown Show : Sape’ Master with Culture Del Mondo (Italy)

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Culture Del Mondo Association from Rome, Italy created a new initiative called Piccoli Grandi Concert (Little Great Concerts), a series of high quality concerts showcasing artists from all over the world performing their music in their own space and setting during the Covid-19 Pandemic General Lockdown

Mathew Ngau Jau, Malaysia’s Living National Heritage was graciously invited in the month of May to take part in their Piccolo Grandi Concerti, a public online show that brings together artists from around the world in showcasing one’s culture music. Mathew performed together with his grandson Luke singing his original songs namely Lan-e Tuayng, Sape’ Ambat and more. Furthermore he shared some history on the traditional instrument Sape’ on what it’s made from and the uniqueness of it. 


Cultural Practitioners:

Mathew Ngau Jau, Malaysia’s Living National Heritage


In Collaboration with:

Culture Del Mondo Association


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