Midweek Reflections #6: Loretta Livan Milang

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“Midweek Reflections” is a space for team members and cultural practitioners of The Tuyang Initiative to share their thoughts, fears and dreams. For feedback, please email hello@thetuyang.com.

Yo! I’m Loretta Livan Milang, you can call me Ban-ban or Loleta. I’m also Adrian Jo Milang‘s little sister. 

Well, I am not really a person of words, like you know who (cough cough), but let me try to tell you how it has been. 

It was quite a nerve-racking start of the year.

Finishing my SPM last year was a relief, but waiting for the results had me anxious like a lady in waiting!

Funny little story (cause I am – little?), I took my first flight out of Sarawak to Kuala Lumpur alone! I went there to join my mum for Hari Kraf Kebangsaan (National Craft Day). Being in a big airport alone was something thrilling. Felt like a lost little lamb as I called my brother back home to wait for my mum there, I didn’t know if I was going the right way,but what the heck, adventure! Well, till my mum picked me up. 

Fast forward – before we went back home to Bintulu from KL, I fell sick. Dang nabbit, thank goodness it was nothing of the sort! As then, the pandemic  just started. But (phew!) it was just common fever. My mum being a mum, was over her head in worry, although I kept telling her we were going to be fine.

Just in the nick of time, we flew back to Bintulu and now here we are. Well, just like everyone else I had things planned. Basically I wanted to continue my studies, attend a few festivals, and was looking forward to my best friends coming back from the United States. Oh well, I guess I’ll need to wait a little bit more. 

Waiting punya waiting (as I waited and waited), I went about my business, playing around with colour palettes and sketching, because that’s what I love doing. One day, Adrian came to me like a scientist who went coo-coo (if you know, you know, that fellow I tell you) with an idea. He asked me to draw a durian, and I was like “What?”. He was like “Yeah, draw a durian”. Later that day he told me that it was for a fun idea that he’s testing out for the Tuyang Initiative.

It went on week by week as part of their new Tuesday Tales, and I was always excited for what he was going to ask me to sketch! Sometimes when he forgets what day it is, I would remind him too. Between you and me, the dude’s slowly losing it. Jokes! #siblingsrivalry

I have always loved trying things like painting and sketching, since I was a wee kid. While I was sketching for Tuyang, I was also doing some experimenting and learning on the side, watching tutorials and all. I guess this is one of the best ways to learn. Nevertheless, given an opportunity like this isn’t for the sake of you know, just getting better at it. But also in building myself as a person and my love for arts.  

So yeah, that’s basically it, I guess haha!

I look forward to seeing everyone that’s not Adrian and hoping all are safe and sane. Hope you’ve enjoyed my sketches too! Do follow me on my Instagram to see my other works and fun stuffs, @loletaliban and @atelol2.

Peace out! 


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