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Alena Murang is a Dayak-European woman who sings and composes songs in the Kelabit and Kenyah language. She is also one of the first woman to play the Sape’ under the tutelage of Mathew Ngau Jau. Liling was composed in 2016 for her album Flight and the song is considered the unofficial Orang Ulu anthem that is sung by numerous people in the longhouses of Borneo. 

Mathew Ngau Jau, Malaysia’s Living National Heritage and Adrian Jo Milang, youngest practitioner of the oral Parap’ and Takna’ made video appearances singing in their mother tongue to the vibrant song Liling, a Kenyah folk song which means “to turn around” in conjunction to the cancelled events for Gawai Day (Harvest Festival) alongside Alena Murang in May 2020. 


Executive Producer – Kanid Studio

MV Producer – Alena Murang

Music Arrangement – PepperJam Productions

Mixing & Mastering – Goldensound Studios

Video Editor – MosesParen Production

Mandarin Translation – Lim Guo Ting

Song – “Liling” adapted, with permission, from the Kenyah Community, rearranged by Alena Murang and Joshua Maran

With thanks to:

Adrian Jo Milang & family

Alena Murang & family

Alex TBH

Amir Jahari


Bob Yusof



Clinton Jerome & mum

Dayang Nurfaizah

Dewi Seriestha

Ezra Tekola

Jolly Jengan

Jonathan Wong

Joshua Maran

Kulleh Grasi

Larissa Ping & family

Leon Jala

Lian Ngau

Mathew Ngau

Meldrick Bob

Melina William

Sasha Ningkan

Uyau Moris

Zee Avi

Din Hormatov

Oliver Josias Tiong Sheng Neng

The Tuyang Initiative

Everyone who submitted their videos

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