Dayak Lore: Tales of Sarawak encapsulated into a colouring story book.

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In the words of our co-founder Juvita and Community Manager Adrian, the stories told by our elders embodies peoplehood, identity and continuity. Having our oral stories documented allows for the world and younger generations to be educated and engaged on Sarawak’s origins. 

Dayak Lore: Part 1 is a multi-story colouring book conceptualised during the peak of 2020 pandemic inspired by feedback from followers and supporters on our collection of Sarawakian Indigenous stories compiled for Tuesday Tales whereby the book was co-developed by our  cultural practitioners from their respective Dayak communities. This book is a result of on-the-job learning and industry partnerships. 

“Growing up, I’ve never seen a Dayak story and colouring book. I’ve coloured Disney books, so this is a huge concept for me. This amazes me on a child level, and gives me pride on an adult level. I bought one book for keeps; for a small future person (one day), but this is mostly for me”, says Alexandra Nastassia John, a 30 year old freelancer, who pre-ordered from Kuching.



Hureng Emang (Kayan – Uma Awe, Tubau, Bintulu, Sarawak)

Long Ditut and Apoi Salo (Retold)

In memory of;

Balan Balang (Penan – Long Bee Silat, Baram, Sarawak)

Kangkaput, Western Penan Version

Editors and Translators:

Juvita Tatan Wan and John Wan USang (Long San, Baram, Sarawak)

Gina Yap – (Kuala Lumpur)

Jayl Langub (Kuching Sarawak) – Kangkaput

Adrian Jo MIlang (Bintulu, Sarawak) – Long Ditut and Apai Saloi


Mathew Ngau Jau; Malaysia’s National Living Heritage (Long Semiang, Baram, Sarawak)

Loretta Livan Milang and Adrian Jo Milang (Bintulu, Sarawak)

Graphic Designer:

Topaz Voon; Chameleon Design House – Miri, Sarawak

Special Thanks To:

Team Tuyang;

Jessica Burai Markus (Miri, Sarawak)

Muhaimin Fudzail (Kuala Lumpur)

Christopher Yong (Singapore)

Our People:

Supporters, families and friends everywhere. 

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