Conversation about the arts – in Malaysia’s Borneo territories (from BFM89.9)

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Our co-founder, Juvita Tatan Wan had the opportunity to chat with Sharmilla Ganesan (BFM89.9) and shared her views on what the arts sector in Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia) look like now, especially in light of the pandemic. The conversation was also together with Emmanuel “Nuk” Chee, former president of Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu

Excerpt of the description from BFM website:
One of the many industries hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order has been the arts – with public events, gatherings, and opportunities for travel being limited, many arts practitioners have been struggling to both create art and to make a living. This situation is further exacerbated in Sabah and Sarawak, where the lack of access, connectivity, and accessibility affects life beyond just the arts sphere.

Listen to the podcast here or below.

I’d like to say that the pandemic has shone an extra spotlight on this issue for us here – but it’s something that we, in East Malaysia are very well aware of, but almost have no way in solving it ourselves as regular joes. It’s not like we can create the infrastructure through our imaginations – it involves heavy resources and expertise. The conversation around Veveonah (Mosibin’s) challenges on a national level hopefully is not seasonal, and forgotten – and that something is being worked on to address it for rural communities facing similar challenges.

Juvita Tatan Wan
The Tuyang Initiative

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