Digi shows love to the small guys…including us!

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The pandemic has put small businesses, artisans and creative practitioners, such as ours, in a state of uncertainty, even in a limbo. However, we discovered that by remembering our “why”, which is our reason for being and doing what we do – it makes it that much easier for us to continuously push ourselves forward. And innovate even at a tough time.

That is why, despite the odds of the pandemic and a lockdown, projects of ours such as the story/colouring book Dayak Lore and Kelunan, a musical theatre (Virtual Edition – December 2020) was born.

Tuyang had the honour of being featured alongside other amazing Malaysian artisans and small businesses owners from all over Malaysia under Digi’s Kita Malaysia campaign in conjunction with this year’s National and Malaysia Day.

The video has now garnered close to 200,000 views on YouTube alone! We are extremely thrilled and grateful for the opportunity and exposure given.

Tiga Tawai (thank you), Digi!

Digi is a leading Malaysian telecommunications company and this is not a sponsored post.

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