Muda & Bijak: Inisiatif Perkasa Warisan Seni & Budaya

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Our co-founder Juvita Tatan Wan was featured in the second episode of Muda & Bijak by TVS highlighting the development of The Tuyang Initiative in 2017 as a creative arts management company focused on Dayak cultural heritage. As a social enterprise, she aims to generate meaningful livelihood towards the cultural practitioners through the arts and creative sector for cultural continuity. 

Juvita’s passion in driving the creation of The Tuyang Initiative was because of her personal worries on the cultural values, knowledge, beauty of the customs and traditions fading in her elder’s generation.

Moreover, she further shared on the co-development between her and the cultural practitioners in on-the job upskilling with Tuyang Initiative as the facilitator in steering their participation in being recognized by the creative industry in enabling them to generate a sustainable and meaningful livelihood through their arts and craft.

A great instance of the services done by The Tuyang Initiative would be the musical theatre entitled “Kelunan”; a Kayan-Kenyah alliance portrayal that debuted in September of 2019. The showcase featured the practitioners unique cultural skill set through their poetic singing, storytelling, traditional instrument playing and mastery of folk songs. They are then upskilled by collaborating with the industry in this case the Damansara Performing Arts Centre to jointly develop Kelunan. For that, 11 of the practitioners are now able to conceptualize their craft in a higher sense.

One of the highlights in 2020 is the creation of Dayak Lore; a colouring story book that features stories from the elders. The idea of having it as a colouring book was to help readers better visualize the story as well as have it as a pastime activity during this pandemic.    

Ending on a high note, Juvita hopes that everyone stays safe along with the interest of open collaborations or messages/notes from the public.

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