ENZ X The Tuyang Initiative: Cross Cultural Appreciation Dialogue

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Education New Zealand and the Centre for Malaysian Indigenous Studies partnered up with The Tuyang Initiative to take part as co-host in a cross cultural appreciation dialogue via Facebook Live with special performances by our practitioners on October 28, 2020. 

The intention of this dialogue was to bring awareness towards indigenous communities in today’s society by having them take the lead in representation through practices and multi media. 

Moreover, the public were able to win some prizes worth up to RM 500 in particular the Pua Kumbu, Kelembit and Dayak Lore books by answering an online quiz on Borneo Indigenous Culture through the courtesy of ENZ and Tuyang. 

“Beautiful to see the old and young generation singing together. Rare scenes these days. That’s what makes this culture very special. A wisdom worth spreading,” says Nicki Wong, a viewer.

“Kia Ora Paula and James, enjoying your sharing and perspectives. Nga mihi ki a korua” said by Carissa Toelupe, a viewer. 


The Tuyang Initiative Team :

Adrian Jo Milang and Kayan Elders

Mathew Ngau Jau

Salomon Gau

Lian Balan

Jessica Burai Markus

Glen Pengiran

Ahmad Hafizuddin bin Abdullah 


Juvita Tatan wan (Co-Founder of The Tuyang Initiative)

James Rickard (Tohunga Whakairo (Master Carver) )

Paula Whetu Jones (Writer, Producer, Director)


Dr Welyne Jehom (Director, Centre for Malaysian Indigenous Studies, University Malaya)

Special Guest:

Pam Dunn (Acting High Commissioner)


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