Inovasi Pertiwiku: Pemulihan Budaya Melalui Penggunaan Teknologi Digital

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Inovasi Pertiwiku featured Juvita Tatan Wan to share some personal insights on who she was before becoming a co-founder of The Tuyang Initiative. An ambitious lady she is, she has worked with big companies like Maxis as a Consumer Rewards & Engagement Specialist and Universal Music Group as a Digital & Business Development Manager. Her varied experience in the creative, entertainment and telecommunications industry has molded and equipped her with the tools to start her own social enterprise that is close to her heart which is to inclusively develop and promote on Sarawak’s Dayak Communities cultural-heritage by helping numerous cultural  practitioners upskill their craft in generating a sustainable but meaningful livelihood in the 21st century. As a social business, she states the positive social impact that it can give especially towards the younger generations to celebrate and realize the value of their culture.

 The Tuyang Initiative’s triumphs include a performing arts showcase, art exhibitions, classes, product development as well as publications. Furthermore, she strongly shared how digital technology has enabled the company to have manageable collaborations globally on exhibiting Borneo’s culture through dialogues. She aids cultural practitioners in maximizing the use of digital technology so that they can remotely work from their homes especially during times where the team can only work from  their own space to update one another on their craft and collaborations. 

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