About Us

The idea to kickstart The Tuyang Initiative sparked in 2016 by Kenyah father-daughter team, John Wan Usang and Juvita Tatan Wan from Long San, upper Baram.

As the “lucky ones” who broke out, had a chance at tertiary education and experiences working with multinationals in various industries in Kuala Lumpur, they feel that it is their honour and responsibility to the next generation to ensure that the community and culture, thrives.

About the founding team members:


Born and raised in the village of Long San, upper Baram (Sarawak), John studied Zoology & Botany in 6th Form and has a degree in Agricultural Science from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now known as Universiti Putra Malaysia). John has more than 30 years experience in sales and retail with Malaysian oil & gas giant, Petronas. He also formerly taught in villages across Sarawak, is an avid golfer and have green thumb. He is a father of 5 adult children (one daughter and four sons) and is married to Josephine Ting, a wonderful lady from Sibu (Sarawak).


Born in Sibu (Sarawak) and raised in various towns and cities throughout Malaysia, Juvita believes she lives for challenges and problem solving. She has a degree in Media Innovation from Multimedia University (Cyberjaya, Malaysia). She also has close to 15 years experience in audio visual production, marketing and business development across various industries including telecommunications, music/entertainment and advertising in Kuala Lumpur. She’s an avid music fan who enjoys live gigs and the occasional karaoke, loves to eat, read (sometimes write), has a love/hate relationship with running, is a curious traveler, and is John’s eldest and arguably the feistiest amongst his 5 children.

In 2017, armed with nothing more than her enthusiasm and belief for this effort, she packed up her life and left her corporate job in Kuala Lumpur to return to Miri (Sarawak), and dedicate herself fully to The Tuyang Initiative.

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