Tuesday Tales #27 : Oyou Ovi

There lived Oyau Ovi. He lived with his sister. Oyau Ovi was fond of hunting. One day he went to the forest to hunt wild boar. While walking he saw a Flyeater (bird)

Wild Pig

Tuesday Tales #26 : The Tale of Mesiong

A long time ago in Oya, there was a brave man named Mesiong. He became the husband to the daughter of Tugau, the well-known leader of the Melanau community of the time. After the wedding, he started a farm with all kinds of plants. Cassava, plums, yams kuinis and all sorts for his family. All his plants flourished.

Tuesday Tales #25 : The Legend of Nkadis Niruk

There were once seven brothers that came from the Bidayuh community of Serian. All of them intended to go for a headhunting expedition at a distant village from theirs, so they asked their mother to pack some food supplies for their journey.