Digi shows love to the small guys…including us!

The pandemic has put small businesses, artisans and creative practitioners, such as ours, in a state of uncertainty, even in a limbo. However, we discovered that by remembering our “why”, which is our reason for being and doing what we do – it makes it that much easier for us to continuously push ourselves forward. And innovate even at a tough time. That is why, despite the odds of the… Read More »Digi shows love to the small guys…including us!

Keynote: InHERIT 2018​

Imagine this.

A place once rich with culturally diverse people, identified by the depth of languages. Unique traditions tied to lands, water, animals, plants. And the various transmissions of cultural heritage through mediums such as music, performances, visuals arts – all cease to exist. What will this place look like?

Winner of The Star Golden Hearts Awards

We are truly honoured to be recognised by both jury, and members of the public who had put in the nomination for our award. Next to our peers who were fellow award recipients, we feel that we are not deserving of it yet. Therefore, we will drive ourselves to continue to grow what we do in order to one day feel that we have done the best we can in… Read More »Winner of The Star Golden Hearts Awards

AirAsia Feature For Malaysia Day​

Co-Founder, Juvita Tatan Wan, Together With Tuyang Talent And Sape’ Master, Mathew Ngau Jau Had An Opportunity To Share Their Idea Of A Dream Malaysia In AirAsia’s “I Am Malaysian” Campaign Series.

Mathew Ngau Jau: Sape’ Master and soon to be film star!

The film, directed by Dain Said and produced by Apparat, the company that also produced the award-winning feature films Bunohan and Interchange, aims to celebrate indigenous East Malaysian culture, and to nurture greater cross-cultural awareness between East and West Malaysia while celebrating Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage through film.

Working with Malaysia’s Living National Heritage

We have the honour of working with Mathew Ngau Jau, a Kenyah Sape master performer and maker. The opportunity to learn and understand his passion and drive in the instrument and the Kenyah culture is something that does not come along easily.