Midweek Reflections

Midweek Reflections #9: Rose Belarek

In the beginning of it all it was quite a shock for me. This was something that I had never expected to happen in my lifetime. I had so much to go on with, so I had a lot to think about how my craftwork would survive this pandemic. As it went on, I felt ill for quite some time. It was maybe from being flustered by the situation, but thank God, I got my health back.

Midweek Reflections #4: Muhaimin Fudzail (Part 2)

Do you think you’re like a Pokémon? Like since you’re called a brain that’s the only thing you can say. Brai Brain. Brai Brai Brain. Hold on. Are you called a brain because that’s what you sound like? Is Pikachu called Pikachu because that’s only he can say?