Tuesday Tales #25 : The Legend of Nkadis Niruk

There were once seven brothers that came from the Bidayuh community of Serian. All of them intended to go for a headhunting expedition at a distant village from theirs, so they asked their mother to pack some food supplies for their journey.

Digi shows love to the small guys…including us!

The pandemic has put small businesses, artisans and creative practitioners, such as ours, in a state of uncertainty, even in a limbo. However, we discovered that by remembering our “why”, which is our reason for being and doing what we do – it makes it that much easier for us to continuously push ourselves forward. And innovate even at a tough time. That is why, despite the odds of the… Read More »Digi shows love to the small guys…including us!

Tuesday Tales #18 : The Legend of Bukit Jepak

Centuries ago, the Va’ie Segan community resided at the mouth of the Sungai Sebezaw and Qaqeb river. They lived off the forest, river and the sea. Some were fishermen, prawn and crab catchers along the Sungai Bintulu streams.