Tuesday Tales #10: Senguyon Nugan

Most of Sarawak’s indigenous people such as the Kenyah, Kayan, Iban, Bidayuh and more, practised hill paddy shifting cultivation, especially in the olden days. This involves clearing (often referred to as – cut, slash and burn) of fresh fertile land for paddy cultivation during each planting season.

Midweek Reflections #4: Muhaimin Fudzail (Part 2)

Do you think you’re like a Pokémon? Like since you’re called a brain that’s the only thing you can say. Brai Brain. Brai Brai Brain. Hold on. Are you called a brain because that’s what you sound like? Is Pikachu called Pikachu because that’s only he can say?

Tuesday Tales #7: Rasang & To’ Anit

Rasang is a shamanic altar used by the Bidayuh during harvest. At a certain part of the ritual the Dayung Borih (female shamans) would circle around it as they chant to call the spirits to inhabit the Rasang and to get their blessings for future harvest.