Tuesday Tales #6: Saka & Ada’

People’s curiosity began to arouse as she was doing well in her small business of selling cencaluk and belacan, although resources were scarce and everyone except her, had it harder. That is how they knew that indeed, she possessed the saka.

Tuesday Tales #5: Petavo

Many guests are often caught off guard with this unexpected gesture. But there are those who might have some prior knowledge, or may have a sense of what is coming, will try to keep some distance, or even try to flee – by making a quiet exit.

Midweek Reflections #3: Mathew Ngau Jau

Hello! I hope everyone is keeping well, staying safe and healthy. It’s been a funny time for myself, as I am sure it is for a lot of people too. While I am keeping well with my wife and kids, limited movement in our living space is something…not very normal for me.

Tuesday Tales #3: Kangkaput

A long time ago there lived Kangkaput. Kangkaput was a tame bird. It would perch on the outstretched rafter, on the outstretched beam and would even enter houses. It would call out, “Kangkaput! Kangkaput! Kangkaput!”, almost everyday.

Midweek Reflections #1: By Juvita Tatan Wan

I have been holding off writing anything about the global situation we are all currently facing. It just felt like whatever that needed to be said about the pandemic and how badly it is affecting anyone and everyone, had already been expressed. I imagine, like most people, it’s a mixed bag of emotions – fear, anxiety, sadness. And so many questions.

Tuesday Tales #2: Ma-at Pulot

My breakfast pack consisted mainly of kanen Ee’ok, steamed rice packed in leaves (laun kanan), some siai (fire-dried roasted meat), belacan (shrimp paste), boiled tapioca leaves, water and black coffee packed in a small flask. Besides my foodstuff, I also packed my baeng (local made parang/hunting knife), some spare clothings, and our shotgun (dismantled into two pieces) .

Tuesday Tales #1: Long Ditut

One day, Ditut, an orphan child who lived with his mother in a farm hut, went to look for durians together, for it was the fruit season. So they made their way to the farm, and saw many durians had fallen on the ground and started eating as they collected the fruits. His mother only had three while he ate the most. But he was not satisfied yet.