The Tuyang Initiative

A Hornbill model decorated with rolled local tobacco (sigup) hung at the verandah. Guests may pluck the rolled tobacco to smoke. Note: A tobacco-decorated model is prepared for each child.

Welcome, Tuyang!

Borneo’s rural Dayak communities still face struggles of basic amenities and opportunities to earn a living in their longhouses and villages. Many resort to working odd jobs, joining nearby timber camps or move to nearest towns in hopes of a better life for their families.

Because of poor quality of life and rapid urban migration, these communities not only face a risk of losing the lands that they have inherited from generations before them, tradition, art and culture practices, which is integral to the cultural identity of the Orang Ulu and other Dayak communities, also stand to disappear.

These challenges befall most Dayak communities of Borneo.

The heart of The Tuyang Initiative is in the inclusive development and promotion of Dayak cultural heritage talents, products & services. This is for the communities’ chance, especially its rural members, at sustainable alternative income and in preservation of tradition, art & culture.

Oh, by the way, Tuyang means friend in the Kenyah language.