Dayak Lore, A Collection (Part 1)


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32 pages
Publisher: Tuyang & Heart Initiative
Language: English
ISBN 978-967-18350-0-5
Product Dimension: 21cm x 21cm

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Ditut, the child with a big craving.
Kangkaput, the flourisher of fruits.
Apai Saloi, a man whose life took a twist, having thought to be descendent of the deities.

Colour the stories of the people and animals who call the rainforest of Borneo home.

Dayak Lore – A Collection, is a story and colouring book for kids and the young at heart.

How this book came to be

The Tuyang Initiative is a community-led arts management company. As a social business, it works with Dayak (Borneo indigenous) communities in areas of cultural heritage by upskilling practitioners for a chance at meaningful livelihood and cultural continuity.

This book was conceptualised during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

What started as a sharing of folklores on our humble website, it expanded into an opportunity to grow Tuyang’s cultural practitioners beyond just sharing our stories orally, but to translate it into the English language and illustrating it for the world to visualise. Through precious feedback from friends and followers, we have then decided to publish it in a book that is tangible for you to have in your hands and homes instead.

We hope you enjoy this labour of love as much as we enjoyed sharing our stories with you.

Share of proceeds from the book will be distributed to all cultural practitioners involved in the creative development of the book.

“Dayak Lore” title was illustrated by Mathew Ngau Jau, Malaysia’s Living National Heritage and Sape’ master represented by Tuyang.


1. The targeted release date is 1 September 2020. Which means, if you made a purchase, you can expect your copy delivered between September to November 2020.

2. Illustrations of the final book you receive may differ from visuals shown, as we’re still constantly working to improve our first ever book!

3. As first time publishers, writers and illustrators – we have endeavoured to ensure that the quality of writing, drawings and printing is to the best of our capabilities. Please forgive us for any shortcomings!

4. We ship internationally!

If you have any questions about purchasing, want to share your experience on our website, just want to say hi, or provide feedback on the book when you receive it – use our contact form or email us at hello(at)

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