“Passageway” by Mathew Ngau Jau


Artist: Mathew Ngau Jau
Measurement: 51 x 73.7cm
Media: Acrylic and ink on canvas

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With its root in the Kenyah “tree of life” motif, this piece showcases the deep reliance of the animals to the forest. From the enigmatic hornbills, to the coy sun bear, Mathew subtly introduces the animals, with their eyes curiously peering out to those who are willing to look at them.

Mathew Ngau Jau is one of Malaysia’s remaining Living National Heritage.

He is a Kenyah Ngorek from Long Semiyang, Baram (Sarawak).


If you are keen to acquire a similar piece by Mathew, please talk to us at hello@thetuyang.com for custom theme, designs or size.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 51 × 3.5 × 73.7 cm


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