Tuesday Tales #14: Lejo

Long ago, when the Kayan people still resided in Apo Kayan, which was along the Batang Kayan river, a longhouse community had been suffering the loss of their livestock.

Liling: Gawai At Home Project

Alena Murang is a Dayak-European woman who sings and composes songs in the Kelabit and Kenyah language. She is also one of the first woman to play the Sape’ under the tutelage of Mathew Ngau Jau. Liling was composed in 2016 for her album Flight and the song is considered the unofficial Orang Ulu anthem that is sung by numerous people in the longhouses of Borneo.  Mathew Ngau Jau, Malaysia’s… Read More »Liling: Gawai At Home Project