Classes, Workshops, Talks & Dialogues

Experience the beauty of Borneo indigenous culture directly from the cultural guardians themselves. Taught by masters and practitioners from their communities, you will receive the gifts of their culture. Available in-person or virtual. 

Learn to pluck the Sape’ with masters in the field.
Sway along with our community elders as they would impart to their following generation.
Craft amongst the community elders as they would in their homes. 
Create your art with natural materials of the forest. 

Arts & Craft

Made with learned and passed down knowledge – everything created by our artisans has a unique story behind it. Whether it is a bespoke intricate Sape’ or a seemingly simple bamboo woven placemat, the maker transfers a part of him or herself with you through their creation.

Exhibitions, Demo's and Showcases

A unique way in creating an immersive experience in getting to know our people, traditions and customs. We pride ourselves in designing experiences that enable our cultural guardians to be at the forefront to interact directly with audiences.



Our stage performances are designed to enthrall. Our goal is to give audiences an honest view into our people and culture, through performing arts mediums understood globally such as musical-theatre, live shows and more. We work with various industry experts and partners in delivering this.

Product & Services Innovation

Led by market-driven principles, we pride ourselves in the constant innovation of products and services in driving sustainability for both our people and culture. Working with key partners, we push boundaries to find new ways in sharing who we are.

Representation & Consultation

Working with cultural practitioners across various Borneo indigenous communities, we pride ourselves in being the bridge in articulating who we are to our clients, and ensure that we are represented fairly, either in communication or in aspects of commercialisation.

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